Garden Figures 
Gilmerton Community Centre
Autumn- Winter 2016
Age group: 4 - 70+

We returned to Gilmerton for a second year to make art works to be presented at the Christmas Fayre. This year we wanted to make something to go outside, so working mainly with clay we created small figurines to be placed in the community centres garden. The inspiration for the figures came from a variety of sources of historical and contemporary figurative sculpture. We looked at images of the first known depictions of the human form to Antony Gormley's figures along the Water of Leith all the way to the common garden gnome and the idea of protective spirits that live in gardens and woodland. All works made in clay were then fired and placed in the garden.
Additionally, we made some bunting to go at the front of the community centre using a variety of painting and printing techniques. Some contained the name of the community centre and others were more abstract where individuals used their imagination to explore the materials and techniques on offer. Each of the squares was painted by a different person and all came together at the end to decorate the site for the Christmas Fayre.

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