The Eden Festival
Summer 2016
Age group: 1 - 15

We were invited to the Eden Festival where we created a large scale articulated parade sculpture and explored the different uses of wool in a series of workshops over the weekend.

The theme of the festival was mythical creatures so for the parade sculpture we decided to make a ‘Tyger’ from the poem by William Blake.The tyger was constructed in several parts using willow then the different parts were covered with tissue paper and joined together in a specific way to create articulated joints. The tyger then took part in the parade travelling around the festival site.
The wool workshops we held showed the different ways in which wool straight from the sheep can be used. Participants could have a go at carding and spinning wool, as well as using wet felting to make something to take home. We finished up the workshop by felting a whole sheeps fleece into one giant piece of fabric to show how it is done in Mongolia, where people live in yurts; wooden structures covered with felted wool.

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