About Us

We are an Edinburgh based co-operative of artists/craftspeople. We believe in art for all and want to inspire people by sharing our knowledge, skills and enthusiasm. Learning through making is core to our work and we have found that it can be incredibly therapeutic and confidence building for participants. The making process is not just physical, it also embodies a reflective process, and the supportive and creative environment that we form enables people to work on themselves whilst they make. We started Inspiral Arts with this in mind and decided to run ourselves as a co-operative so that we can work together in a non-hierarchical and mutually supportive way to provide exciting creative opportunities to people of all ages and abilities. We like to encourage people to discover entry points into contemporary art through making, and especially enjoy working with communities to create community sculptures and events as well as working with individuals and groups in workshops.

As a co-operative group, we have a variety of skills and resources to draw on. Each of us can offer something different, which means we are very flexible and can provide workshops or projects that are tailored to specific individuals or groups.

There are a few things that are really important to us. We want to encourage thinking around political, social and environmental issues through the work that we do. We try to be as environmentally friendly as possible by being mindful of the materials and processes we use - making use of recycled and natural materials as much as we can as well as raising awareness about these concerns. We also try to be aware of the prices we charge so that it is as accessible as possible. It’s hugely important for us to be inclusive, nurturing, and creative, and make work that is transformative for individuals and communities.